Strengthening the community by providing quality useable products and services through, and with the help of others

Giving In Kindness in Arkansas, (GIKA) a 501 c (3) is a non-profit collaborative network of people who believe in helping strengthening the community to the individuals and families who need it most.  The program distributes mainly household goods and services to low income families, youth, the ill and elderly.  Also, nonprofit 501©3 organizations and churches that are eligible may apply for membership.

In addition in household products, Giving In Kindness offer direct services such as:

Disaster Relief: Fire burn-out & natural disasters victims.  GIKA provides bed linen, household products, hardware, building supplies, paper products, personal care products and new clothing.

Surplus Giving:  In situations where there is an abundant of products, products donated to (501) c 3 non-profit organizations, such as the food pantries, schools, senior programs and community centers.  

Referrals:  GIKA will provide assistance and referrals to homeless veterans, and anyone who needs housing, food pantries, and utility assistance, medical and dental referrals.
Volunteer Program: GIKA accepts volunteers who are serious-minded and have a strong desire to help those in need.